Veggie-Full Breakfasts

July 30, 2018



For those of you who saw my last Facebook post you would know I am looking into easy ways to get my five serves of veggies a day. Although I eat relatively healthy (who doesn't enjoy the occasional chocolate brownie!), I still find myself falling short of the recommended amount of serves.


While thinking of ways to increase my veggie intake, I thought why not start with breakfast! After all, a nutritionally balanced breakfast will keep us feeling fuller for longer and provide us with long lasting energy throughout the day. Plus, veggies are packed full of important micronutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants, keeping us illness-free and youthful! That sounds like a win to me 😊



Below are the recipes I've been trying out this week, what worked/didn't work and how many total serves of veggies I ended up getting that day! Let me know what your favourite veggie-full breakfasts are! 🥗



Confused as to what a serve of veggies looks like? Below is a helpful table from the Eat For Health website:



Day 1: Veggie-Full Fritters

Total serves of veggies: 4

Day 1 and I'm off to a great start,veggie-full fritters from My Lovely Little Lunch Box, filled with zucchini, carrot, sweet potato, corn, peas, lemon and basil!



They were quite easy to make, about 10 minutes of prep time (grating everything by hand was definitely an interesting choice), and cooked in less than 5 minutes each. The smoke alarm was only set off twice so I'd say it was a success!


I was able to make approximately 10 fritters even halving the recipe, leaving me enough leftovers for lunch during the week. They also freeze well and are perfect accompanied by a light salad or Greek yoghurt on the side!


Check out the recipe here and give them a try tomorrow!





Day 2: Veggie Fruit Smoothie

Total serves of veggies: 3


I was so close to getting five serves of veggies yesterday! I'm determined to reach my goal today with the help of this perfect Veggie Fruit Smoothie by the Petit Elefant. 


It was so easy to whip up, just throw in blueberries, grapes, carrot, apple and spinach - then blitz to the consistency you like! I made mine a wee bit thicker to turn it into a breakfast bowl so I could add my favourite nuts and seeds! Delicious 😊










Day 3: Veggie-Full Shakshuka

Total serves of veggies: 4


I will admit that things went downhill from breakfast yesterday, but in the spirit of 'three times lucky' I'm feeling good about today! I'm beginning to realise that the thing I love most about filling my plate with veggies first thing in the morning is that it is also getting me in the kitchen and cooking healthy breakfasts. I'm enjoying getting up slightly earlier, trying new recipes and using herbs and spices that I previously wouldn't have used. Plus I normally make enough leftovers for lunch the next day, so it's a bit like reverse meal prepping!



So, today's breakfast! Veggie-full Shakshukafrom Vegukate 😊 


'Traditional Shakshuka hails from regions of North Africa and the Middle East and is made of poached eggs in a rich tomato sauce spiced with cumin, chili peppers, and onions.' Kate mixes it up a little by adding red and yellow capsicum, mushroom and garlic!


Probably my favourite dish so far, smells amazing with the combination of paprika and cumin 😍





Day 4: Veggie Slice

Total serves of veggies: 2


Posting a little late today because when I ate these little beauties I died and went to foodie heaven 😍You've gotta try this Veggie Slice by My Cook!



The recipe was super simple and contained a mix of veggies from red onion, sweet potato, red capsicum and I even threw in some sun-dried tomatoes and carrot!


I made mine in a cupcake pan and was worried about cooking time but they turned out perfectly in 25 minutes!


These would also work great as a grab-and-go snack! 😊







Day 5: Super Green Smoothie

Total serves of veggies: 4 


I will admit I fell off the veggie wagon yesterday, even after working so hard to create the gorgeous veggie cupcakes you see above! I have so many leftovers from throughout the week so I'm hoping to have them for both lunch and dinner today to top myself up!



Today I tried this Super Green Smoothie by The Holistic Nutritionist and I can honestly say it is one of the best green smoothies I have ever had! I swapped the frozen banana for frozen mango and added kale to up the veggie intake. 


Many people (me included) are hesitant to try green smoothies as they are a bit unsure about the taste, but this smoothie masters the balance between sweet and nutritious!





Day 6: Very-Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Total serves of veggies: 5


I can’t believe it’s almost been a whole week of cooking and creating veggie-full breakfasts! The goal for me now is to continue this habit of waking up slightly earlier and getting in the kitchen to cook with fresh ingredients. I also need to be aware of my veggie intake throughout the day and load up my plate with green goodness at lunch and dinner!



Today’s Very-Veggie Breakfast Bowl included cauliflower, mushroom, spinach and avocado 🥑 I also added zucchini just for fun, but you could easily swap in your favourite veggies! 


Next time I might try making my own salsa sauce as I know store bought can be quite high in sugar, any recipe recommendations you guys may have please feel free to comment below!








Day 7: Savoury Veggie French Toast

Total serves of veggies: 4


My week long experiment of having vegetables for breakfast has come to an end but I am determined to continue getting 1-2 serves of veggie goodness each morning! 🥒🌽 Today’s breakfast was a cheeky veggie take on the traditional French Toast recipe, using high fibre bread to keep me fuller for longer and my blood sugar levels stable throughout the day!



I had some left over yellow capsicum from a few days ago so threw that in, but this recipe would also work well with mushrooms, yellow squash or any of your other favourite veggies!


Feel free to post your favourite veggie-full recipes in the comments below and thank you for being a part of this week! 😊


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