New Year, Same Me

January 17, 2018






You’ve seen them all, endless promotions to get the New Year Resolutions of Health and Weight Loss off to a great start; they play on your emotions and on your convictions.


We all know what it is like, the New Year comes around and all those good intentions we had got lost along the way. We still want to get healthier, lose weight, de-stress, get more organised, spend more time with those we love, and 100 other things to improve our lives. However, research states that most New Year’s Resolutions are history by the second week in February, and only 8 percent of people are able to stick to their resolutions.


The problem is resolutions themselves won’t get us to where we want to be or help us move towards new habits we want to create in our lives. They hold themselves up like distant dreams when we rarely think they will make any difference. 

This year, what would happen if you kicked resolutions to the kerb and instead you set some clear intentions?


Resolutions suggest “one day” whereas INTENTIONS and GOALS create a clear path to “today I will”. In other words, an intention speaks not only to the end goal but also to the actions required to make that goal a reality.


If we are really serious about our RESOLUTIONS, we need to start the year by putting a plan into place and actually taking steps towards our GOALS.

Here are some key tips to get you started:

“All goals should come with a reason”, visualising the WHY behind our goals is vital in keeping us committed to the process. If your goal is to lose weight, ask yourself why is this important to me? Do you want more energy to play with your children, or do you want to fit into smaller clothes so you feel more attractive to your partner?


Break your goals into small steps to set yourself up for success. Setting unrealistic goals adds too much pressure to the process and can often leave you feeling deflated before you begin because the desired results seem a long way from where you are. Instead of forcing yourself to go to the gym for an hour everyday set a smaller goal like doing a 15 minute workout at home 3 times per week. 


“Small, incremental lifestyle changes may feel less sexy, but they have a much greater chance of creating real change.” When we are looking for lasting change we are really talking about creating new habits and this takes time. Yes, we can crush an 8-week challenge but this doesn’t set us up for ongoing success as it is too easy to fall back into old patterns. When we are looking at making lifestyle changes we need to make small changes over a long period to form new habits which are sustainable. 


Accountability and support – How many times do you start something only to feel like you have failed because you run into challenges or your determination fades? Having support when we embark on any lifestyle changes is one of the major differences between people succeeding or giving up.


What are your GOALS for 2018?

Take some time now to really connect with the WHY behind your goals.

In my next article we will explore the “How-to’” of setting realistic goals which will set you up for success.


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